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Revive the living spirit of Hawaii

Tuesdays at 8pm.

Revive the living spirit of Hawaii

Tuesdays at 8pm.

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The following is a list of some of the performances that will be shown on KGMB, KHNL, and K5.

Upcoming Performances

Tue May 26th

  • Bobby – Rainbow
  • Blaine – Sweet Aloha & Kaleo Hula
  • Jeff – Sweet conversations
  • Lehua – Kuu Pili
  • Mark – Mauna Lahilahi
  • Kama – Willy the Mynah
  • Del – Sassafras

Tue June 2nd

  • Kawika – Eo
  • Danny – Hawaiian Lullaby
  • Nat – Waimea
  • Ron – Before you go
  • Kamanawa – naue
  • Mana – Poliahu (original)

 Tue June 9th

  • Lehua – Peahi
  • Jeff – Love is the Answer
  • Kailua Moon – Overcome
  • Nat – My Sweet
  • Bobby – Music in Heaven
  • Kama – Auhea

Previous Performances

Tue May 12

  • Pomaikaʻi Keawe-Lyman
  • Kama Hopkins
  • Blaine Kia
  • Ken Makuakane
  • Del Beazley
  • Lehua Kalima & Shawn Pimental
  • Ron Artis II

Tue May 19

  • Natalie & Io Ai-Kamauʻu
  • Walt Keale
  • Kailua Moon
  • Kawika Kahiapo
  • Kamanawa – Blaine Kia & Kalei Kahalewai
  • Danny Akaka
In this current “life-altering” pandemic, music can be the one, single “key” in keeping Hawaiiʻs spirit alive and well so we can all remain strong and positive and get through this together. HOʻŌLA HAWAII has become an urgent matter to bring immediate relief to thousands of homes throughout the state of Hawaii due to the current rapid COVID 19 virus that has sheltered us all, and imprisoned us indefinitely! The mission of HOʻŌLA HAWAII is to unite Hawaiiʻs people to their loving and adored industry entertainers whom are loyal dedicated fans! This “link” can prove beneficial for all ages and of all walks of life! From island contemporary to traditional Hawaiian music, I am certain there is a song that will touch every heart, affect every soul, that are far reaching across our eight seas!

No nā mamo, nā pua, no nā kau a kau
 And for generations to follow

I nā po‘e i ho‘ola‘a ai
To those dedicated

Nā po‘e i ho‘olulu ai
Those who have been inspired